hello there.

i'm ashley.

professional hype girl, child chaser and third wheel....and maybe even your new best friend.

seriously though.
i'm just your average 30-year-old cat mom, who enjoys long walks through Target, has a serious addiction to iced mocha lattes from Starbucks (all the espresso shots please) and appreciates an excellent craft beer and a cheap plane ticket to a new destination.

i do the nursing thing at night BUT my true heart lives behind my camera documenting the chaotic, beautiful, inherent joy that life brings.

whether it's watching from the doorway while your family snuggles your newest addition or chasing your toddler around a park at sunset -- i'm there. trading sarcasm and quick wit with your teenagers or throwing out subtle humor to make all the fiances/husbands/fathers crack a smile -- i'm there.

i'm there. for you. for every season in your life. to help you embrace the chaos, in all its sincerity and authenticity, and help tell your story.

....even if i am a little sleep deprived.
(i promise you'll come to adore my nightshift humor and 3am emails)

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